Life sometimes squeezes lemons in your eyes or gives you a nice lemonade.


So I guess I did it again. *Going all Britney* I played with your heart… got lost in the game.. and MIA-ed again. I have been such a bad aspiring writer. Not sure if that is still an aspiration, really. Writing has always been a fun, no pressure outlet for me, lets keep it that way.

Quick rundown:

  1. I moved in to our new home (Mr Softie’s and moi-self) on 5th of August 2017. It was my birthday then. Yay happy (belated) birthday to me……… and with all the money i spent. Wouldn’t call it a present, but indeed a milestone worth celebrating though. It was the only thing that went right and kept me sane.
  2. We had hired this Softie’s friend-recommended Interior Designer company. Well, they did a good job I suppose. If anybody would like me to draft a review — do let me know.
  3. I adopted a new kitten whom i named Burger. She’s a grey tabby and is the naughtiest little kitty I could ever ask for. Initially, I simply needed a second cat to keep Tiger company. Softie and I work a lot. When we got a surveillance camera to put in the house to check on him, we observe him looking very, very lonely, playing and running around by himself in the dark and waiting by the door for us to come home. He would always hop over so quickly when he hears our keys jangling. It was so sad. So when a colleague posted in a group chat stating he found a wee liddle bug-eyed kitten at his shoe rack outside of his house — I seized. I had been contemplating adopting a second cat for months, and since we just moved in, I was like.. why not? It’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. I want to give this poor, possibly previously abused adult cat named Tiger the best life he could live out, and I hope I’m doing okay. He gets a friend, Burger gets a home.

    Initially he didn’t like this new obnoxious wide-eyed grey moving fluff. He gave me death stares. He gave Burger death stares. He grumbled at me. He wouldn’t allow me to pet him. He didn’t sleep with me. Then Burger just started charming him by being her kitten self and he fell in love. Burger was litter-trained by Tiger. She’s a smart cookie. Both have appetites like a vacuum (I probably didn’t know what I signed up for) and for all you know, I may soon be poor and starved myself.

  4. I got a new employment. My previous employer let me go like two weeks before my wedding, and this new employment may be downsizing again. I think it truly is time for me to upgrade myself, my skillset and take classes. The time is ripe. I wish i could say i am un-fazed but I would be completely lying. I constantly scream internally and nobody else except Softie has seen me completely snot-nosedly ugly-cry and break down feeling all unwanted. But this is a new era. Companies don’t keep you on for 20 years anymore. They move so fast and if you don’t move fast enough, you get left behind.
  5. The house has been furnished, the only places that are not 100% complete yet are the library and the bomb shelter.
  6. I finally got myself a desktop computer. It is so luxurious to be typing properly on a proper desk. I like the mobility of my laptop, but it’s slower (it was just a cheap, basic Acer) and I feel like my bad posture is due to that (or not)

Anyway, I haven’t been reading all that much, which is super terrible. Especially when the fact that my work now involves reading emails from people with low to no grammar or spelling consciousness at all. So yes. That seems to be about all. For now.


8 months has passed…

My last post on my previous blog was on November 2016. It’s been 8 months I haven’t written a single word.

Believe me, I badly wanted to, my blog was such an extension of myself, it was as much my identity as it is me because i spoke my mind out there.. and it was only today i had figured out why my footing didn’t seem to be quite right.

I believe I had grown out of my teeny bopper screen name and I just never resonated or felt like myself for a long time while on there. I simply was typing out for the sake of typing out something. There was no identity anymore, whatever significance theapplestar held for me, was no longer what my mind thinks about. Besides that username truly didn’t fit my personality either simply because I didn’t know who i was and probably didn’t have a personality that was truly mine. It was just whatever people could take of me. 

The Applestar had been chosen because it was in one of my favorite childrens book series by Fiona Dunbar, called The Truth Cookie. It signified a lot of magic for me then while I still had my head in the clouds. That was 12 years ago. 

I am now a lot sharper and not dazed anymore.. and i know what I want. 

It’s so weird.

I am now turning twenty-six, I actually got married and am a completely different person from my teenage self. We grow everyday when we enter different stages in our lives I suppose.

So now!! I have finally founded a new screen-name after much brainstorming and i feel like this fits, so imma sits.

It feels like a rebranding.. LOL. 

I guess it might be a little difficult to spell for some people.. buuuuuut *shrugs*

Well. Now that this feels much better, i am looking forward to be sharing stuff on here.