8 months has passed…

My last post on my previous blog was on November 2016. It’s been 8 months I haven’t written a single word.

Believe me, I badly wanted to, my blog was such an extension of myself, it was as much my identity as it is me because i spoke my mind out there.. and it was only today i had figured out why my footing didn’t seem to be quite right.

I believe I had grown out of my teeny bopper screen name and I just never resonated or felt like myself for a long time while on there. I simply was typing out for the sake of typing out something. There was no identity anymore, whatever significance theapplestar held for me, was no longer what my mind thinks about. Besides that username truly didn’t fit my personality either simply because I didn’t know who i was and probably didn’t have a personality that was truly mine. It was just whatever people could take of me. 

The Applestar had been chosen because it was in one of my favorite childrens book series by Fiona Dunbar, called The Truth Cookie. It signified a lot of magic for me then while I still had my head in the clouds. That was 12 years ago. 

I am now a lot sharper and not dazed anymore.. and i know what I want. 

It’s so weird.

I am now turning twenty-six, I actually got married and am a completely different person from my teenage self. We grow everyday when we enter different stages in our lives I suppose.

So now!! I have finally founded a new screen-name after much brainstorming and i feel like this fits, so imma sits.

It feels like a rebranding.. LOL. 

I guess it might be a little difficult to spell for some people.. buuuuuut *shrugs*

Well. Now that this feels much better, i am looking forward to be sharing stuff on here.